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Month of Marketing

Getting straight to the point

You won’t have to think about your marketing ever again

We will send you a daily prompt to your messenger chatbox on what to do to make your marketing happen

For $297+GST per month you get daily marketing actions, and more, delivered straight to your messenger  

Start receiving your daily marketing actions

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If you own and run a small business, marketing often falls to the bottom of your very long to do list

And that often means that you’re not doing any marketing at all

We truly believe that marketing can make a difference for businesses – particularly small businesses

Everyday Marketing works on the theory that doing some marketing, something small, is better than doing no marketing at all

Everyday Marketing is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the marketing options and don’t know where to start
  • You think you’ll need to spend hours per day doing your marketing and just don’t have the time
  • You want to do your marketing yourself because outsourcing or hiring a marketer is too expensive

This is where Your Month of Marketing can help

What do you get each month? 

  • A daily message outlining one simple marketing action delivered straight to your messenger inbox
  • You receive a mix of marketing activities and actions
    • social media
    • digital
    • communications
    • branding
    • customer experience
    • planning
  • Downloadable tools designed to help you make your marketing happen
  • Links to platforms (usually free versions) to help make your marketing easier
  • You choose to if you wish to renew each month and receive a new month of Everyday Marketing activities, ie no auto-renew payments 

With Everyday Marketing:

  • You don’t have to think about where to start because you get a simple marketing action delivered to your inbox daily
  • You only spend 15 minutes a day on your marketing
  • You do your marketing yourself, with guidance from us – your virtual marketing advisers

For $297+GST per month, you get to make your marketing happen – every day

Let’s go make your marketing happen


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